Walnut wood laminate is revered not only for its beauty, but also for its versatility. The ingenious design of walnut wood laminate makes it appropriate for any room, elementary simple to install and so durable that it lasts for decades. High quality wood laminate flooring is made of several layers: a wooden base layer, a core layer and an upper, decorative layer that gives the famous walnut laminate texture. Therefore it is not natural wood; it is an engineered product with walnut laminate texture. But most people wouldn’t notice the difference just by looking at the floors.


Walnut wood laminateWhat is so special about the walnut laminate texture?

The great thing of walnut laminate wood flooring is that it looks and feels just like raw, natural wood, therefore we call this type of flooring the natural walnut laminate. But its multi-layered structure and highly technological built gives walnut wood laminate more durability. That is why walnut wood laminate is perfect for any modern home, since it is less prone to damage and requires less maintenance than natural wood.


Walnut wood laminate in the modern home

In the urban environment, walnut laminate flooring is especially popular. Because of its quick installation, urban walnut laminate flooring is perfect for any modern home. Urban walnut laminate flooring is scratch and impact resistant and has a long warrantee.


The many walnut laminate textures and styles

Along with the classic walnut laminate texture, walnut laminate wood flooring is available in many different shades and styles. Even though all walnut wood laminate comes prevarnished, walnut high gloss laminate is also available. Walnut laminate flooring also comes in a rustic, hand-scraped variety that also has more of a luxurious, traditional look. But whether you decide on natural walnut laminate, hand-scraped walnut laminate or walnut high gloss laminate, you can be sure that your walnut laminate wood flooring of the highest quality will bring endless beauty to your home.