Oak wood laminate flooring is the way to go if you’re looking for a considerably less costly flooring than hardwood and much simpler to install, without even mentioning its trendy look and durability. You can choose between a variety of oak laminate wood flooring, from regular oak colour laminate flooring to hand scraped oak look laminate flooring. Read on to find out why oak wood laminate is the best choice for you.


Oak wood laminateOak laminate wood flooring – as beautiful as real wood, but with half the hassle

Oak wood laminate is a great choice if you want your flooring to have an oak look. Laminate flooring comes in a variety of colours and patterns, from oak colour laminate flooring to walnut laminate flooring, and they all look as good as the real thing.
The best part of installing oak wood laminate flooring is its simplicity. You can buy  oak glueless laminate flooring that can easily be installed within a day and walked on immediately. Oak wood laminate is perfect for homeowners who don’t have the time or money to invest in the installation, sanding and varnishing of hardwood floors, but still desire new flooring and the look of real oak. Laminate wood flooring and hand scraped oak laminate flooring are long lasting, simple to install and beautiful.


Hand scraped oak laminate flooring – the luxury flooring at an affordable price

If you desire the look of rustic hardwood floors, you can, instead of regular oak wood laminate, decide on hand scraped oak laminate flooring. It is just as simple to install and upkeep as regular oak laminate wood flooring, but has a wonderfully timeless appeal that instantly takes you back decades, into old villas and manors. If you’re looking for quality oak laminate wood flooring, Floor Experts are at your disposal.