Ash wood laminate flooring is becoming a favorite among modern homeowners. The trendy, yet timeless color compliments modern furniture, while still bringing a touch of nature into your home. Whether it’s dark ash laminate flooring or light ash laminate flooring, natural grey ash laminate will beautify any room of the house.


Ash wood laminate flooring in any room of the house

Natural ash laminate has a clean, sophisticated look. Ash wood laminate flooring goes best with solid colors, dark wood, steel and granite. However, there are a few simple guidelines when deciding between grey ash laminate and light ash laminate flooring, depending on lighting and design of the room.


Ash wood laminate flooringWhen to go for light ash laminate flooring

Light ash laminate flooring is the most multipurpose ash wood laminate flooring and can be placed in almost any room. Light grey ash laminate flooring works especially well in darker rooms, or rooms where you have darker furniture, to play with the contrast of ash white laminate. With ash white laminate, you can also brighten up a dark room. Light ash wood laminate flooring won’t clash with dark walls, furniture in dark wood, and even patterned furniture, tastefully matched with solid colors.
In general, light ash wood laminate flooring goes best in rooms such as the living room, kitchen and dining room. Cleaning laminate wood flooring is much easier than most other floor types.


Dark ash laminate flooring for your bedroom and bath

Dark ash laminate flooring is more appropriate for rooms that don’t need to be very bright, such as the bedroom and the bathroom. Dark ash laminate flooring can work in the kitchen and the living room, provided these are large, well-lit spaces, furnished in bright, solid colors. Grey ash laminate does not go as well with dark wall colors, dark furniture or patterns, like for example walnut laminate flooring or oak wood laminate, however dark ash laminate flooring is definitely an eye-catcher that can add a modern and sophisticated touch to your home.