Walnut laminate flooring has a very natural appeal, is warm and inviting and works well in any room of the house. Whether you decide on dark walnut laminate flooring or light walnut laminate flooring, the appeal of rich walnut laminate is in its simple luxury.


Walnut laminate flooringLight walnut laminate flooring for any room of the house

Light walnut laminate flooring is the most multipurpose walnut laminate flooring. It works great in darker spaces or with darker colored walls, since it can brighten up a room as well as in spaces where you have darker furniture, to create beautiful contrasts.


Dark walnut laminate flooring for a sophisticated, modern look

Dark walnut laminate flooring creates a more modern, sophisticated look. Rich walnut laminate works best in bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas. Combined with light furniture, good lighting and bright wall colors, dark walnut laminate flooring is a definite favorite.


The many shades of walnut laminate flooring

Walnut laminate flooring comes in many shades and colors, aside from the classic walnut laminate, such as grey walnut laminate flooring and high gloss walnut effect laminate flooring. Walnut wood laminate has a subtle, yet powerful look that goes well with modern as well as antique furniture. In combination with modern furniture, we recomend dark walnut laminate flooring, grey walnut laminate flooring or light walnut laminate flooring, whereas with antique furniture, either the light walnut laminate flooring or high gloss walnut effect laminate flooring are the best choices.
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