Classic walnut laminate is an all-time favorite among engineered best hand scraped hardwood flooring. Natural walnut laminate flooring is timeless, yet modern, appropriate for urban apartments, as well as traditional houses, anywhere you want to create the look of authentic walnut. Laminate is a durable, budget friendly and simple to install alternative to hardwood floors.


Classic walnut laminate from the bedroom to the kitchen

Classic walnut laminate works well in all rooms of the house. Natural walnut laminate flooring is a favorite in bedrooms, the living areas and kitchens. If you’re looking to modernize your home, choose light walnut laminate flooring. Kitchens look especially good in walnut wood laminate. And if you have any doubts about using walnut laminate flooring in your kitchen, you will be at peace to know that laminate, made for kitchens and bathrooms, is impact, heat and moisture resistant. Just tell your supplier that you need walnut laminate flooring for Kitchens.

Classic walnut laminate

Classic walnut laminate in many styles

Walnut laminate flooring comes in many styles, to match your home and furnishings. From the classic natural light walnut laminate flooring that goes in any house, modern or traditional, to oiled walnut laminate flooring and even rustic walnut laminate flooring for the more antique look. The fact is, any style and color, classic walnut laminate always looks authentic. Walnut laminate is durable, beautiful and adaptable.
If you want to use walnut laminate flooring in your kitchen, and your kitchen is a more modern type, we recommend the natural walnut laminate flooring. If you have more of a traditional kitchen, go for the rustic walnut laminate flooring, or even the hand scraped kind. We recommend the oiled walnut laminate flooring for bedrooms and living rooms, where there are larger amounts of empty surfaces. Natural walnut laminate flooring also works well in any room of the house.