Wood parquet flooring is used for flooring of the interior for centuries – it is believed that it was first used in French salons for aristocracy, and from that point on it was treated as a prestigious good. As a result, natural oak parquet flooring decorated many European bourjois apartments. The 20th century industrialization, however, made wood parquet flooring much more affordable and therefore popular for home installment. Today there are many types of parquet wood flooring at our disposal, but nevertheless the engineered oak parquet hardwood flooring is still the most popular choice when it comes to home floorings.

What are the advantages of oak parquet hardwood flooring

Oak is durable and widely available wood, which is considered to be a standard in parquetry. Oak wood parquet flooring has many advantages before its so-called flooring counterparts: even when not completely solid, oak parquet hardwood flooring is well resist able to wear, and with proper care, it will last for generations. Once finished, oak parquet hardwood floorings will add to your home floors shine-like beauty. Engineered oak parquet flooring is even more affordable and easy to install. This also adds numerous possibilities in appearance of wood parquet flooring, as the impression of distressed oak parquet flooring can be achieved simply by the looks of the upper layer of an engineered parquet block.

What other wood parquet flooring materials are available?

Although durable and commonly used, oak parquet hardwood flooring is not suited for all spaces. Since its lacks in resistance to moisture, there has been a growing demand recently for more exotic wood parquet flooring, which is adequate for steaming rooms. Teak wood parquet flooring has shown best for such purposes, which is widely used as bathroom wood flooring in eastern Asia. You can also choose dark wood parquet flooring, made from walnut or mahogany, which will give your parquet warm earthly tones.

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