Oak parquet hardwood flooring

Oak parquet hardwood flooring has been the traditional choice of wood parquet flooring for homes for centuries. But in the last few decades, oak parquet engineered flooring has been introduced as a cheaper alternative. Which is better?



Oak parquet hardwood flooring – the traditional kind of flooring

Oak parquet hardwood flooring is praised for its outstanding durability and beauty. Solid oak hardwood flooring is made of solid planks of wood, glued or nailed in a pattern of your choice. A prefinished natural oak parquet flooring can add value to your home. After the installation, the floor usually needs to be sanded and varnished. The process is repeated every few years to keep the oak parquet hardwood flooring in top shape. However, with the right care, oak parquet hardwood flooring will last even up to a hundred years.


Oak parquet engineered flooring

Oak parquet engineered flooring – the new normal

Oak parquet engineered flooring has become popular because of its affordability and practicality. It is simpler to install and upkeep and much cheaper. Unlike solid natural oak wood parquet flooring, these planks are made of several layers, consisting of up to 90 % of wood. The top layer is printed on and can have several different looks, from natural wood to distressed oak parquet flooring. The distressed oak parquet flooring gives the rustic impression of old, worn floors. Some people prefer oiled oak parquet to distressed oak parquet flooring, which has a more cared for look and a beautiful shine. Oak parquet engineered flooring usually lasts up to thirty years with proper care.
You can get similar visual effects with both types of oak wood parquet, but getting the look of distressed oak parquet flooring or oiled oak parquet is much cheaper with engineered flooring since the effect can be added pre-installation. If you need more information, contact Floor Experts.