Parquet tiles are a type of hardwood parquet flooring that are not all placed in the same direction. Generally, they’re a bit smaller in size than regular hardwood boards and in some patterns, like finger block, the parquet flooring tiles can get even quite small (hence the name finger block). Solid wood parquet flooring tiles are, as the name implies, made of one solid piece of wood. Hardwood parquet flooring tiles are considered to be a luxurious addition to any home and affect the overall resale price of the property as well as its desirability. Parquet wood flooring tiles can be made of different types of wood, from oak wood parquet flooring to bamboo blocks and to teak. Teak parquet flooring tiles are considered to be especially luxurious in appearance and are one of the most resistant and durable types of wooden parquet. If you’re looking for floors that will impress anyone that comes into your home, teak parquet floor tiles are the ultimate choice.

parquet flooring tilesparquet floor tiles

Parquet wood tiles – options and designs

When deciding on parquet wood flooring tiles, the most important thing to have in mind is what kind of design you want. Parquet wood tiles is a general term people use for the solid wood floor, set in a particular pattern, but there are many patterns or designs, in which parquet flooring tiles can be arranged, to choose from.

Solid wood parquet floor tiles can be of two types that differ in size. Herringbone parquet flooring tiles are large tiles, either of the same or different sizes, which are placed in one of four patterns: diagonal, single, double, or chevron. Each of the patterns means different placing and sizes of the tiles to create different effects. Compared to finger block mosaic tiles, herringbone parquet tiles are larger in size and usually placed diagonally or parallel to the wall, whereas finger block parquet tiles are placed in the shape of small squares, facing opposite directions and forming a checkered pattern. The herringbone pattern is considered to be more modern parquet flooring and is more commonly used than finger block.

Where to buy parquet tiles?

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