light wooden parquet flooringWooden parquet flooring is a classic interior design option you will simply never regret. This incredible and authentic flooring option never goes out of style, partly due to its incredible quality.

At Floor Experts, we provide you with the single largest range of all kinds of quality wooden parquet flooring (ranging from light grey to dark tones and everything in between). We believe that parquet flooring is a lifetime companion and has a number of advantages.

Real wood parquet flooring is not just another passing trend – it’s a real winner! If you’re looking for a truly lasting and impressing flooring, then choosing tones such as oak parquet flooring is always a great idea. This classic choice enhances the look of both vintage and contemporary furniture and comes in both light and dark tones, as well as everything in between. Our broad range also includes other wood types such as teak, ash, beech, maple, pine and several others!

Finding your perfect wooden dark grey parquet flooring

Pretty much every single parquet flooring tile on our stock is perfectly suitable for contemporary homes. We are working hard every single day to retain the reputation of parquet as elegant, prestigious and comfortable flooring option. By cooperating with world’s most trusted flooring providers and constantly seeking feedback from our customers, we offer the best range on the market. Moreover, we have taken extra steps to make sure even the most demanding customers get their perfect flooring – a custom made parquet.

Custom made wooden parquet flooring in a range of colour

A wide selection of more than 480 designs of parquet wooden flooring is not enough for us! We give our customers the option to create their very own custom made parquet in 4 easy steps.

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dark wood parquet flooring