Parquet flooring installation costParquet flooring installation follows the purchase, that much is obvious. But how the parquet flooring is installed is another question. Some people are very skilled, when it comes to home repairs, but there are some among us, which rely on the expertise of others, when it comes to installing parquet flooring and similar tasks – and this is absolutely right. We can’t all be masters of every craft and if you’re asking yourself how to install parquet wood flooring, it might be best to leave the process of parquet flooring installation to professionals. Next we will explain how to install parquet wood flooring properly, parquet flooring installation costs and will answer some other questions you might have.

The benefit of professional parquet flooring installation

We can guarantee that, regarding your home interior, the wood parquet flooring will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. It’s durable, it’s sturdy and it will never go out of fashion. Different types of parquet floorings have been around for decades and there is no reason that this should change. However, how to install parquet wood flooring is another question. The complexity of parquet flooring installation is definitely not a reason for choosing other flooring, if parquet is what you want, and it is difficult only for the layman. There are professionals who have a lot of experiences and skills with installing parquet flooring and they will make sure, that your flooring is durable, perfectly levelled, comfortable and everlasting!

How to install parquet wood flooring in a nutshell

How to install parquet wood flooringAs we have mentioned before, parquet flooring installation demands a lot of skills. In case you don’t believe us, we’ll briefly explain how to install parquet wood flooring.

  • Preparation includes inspection of the subfloor, cleaning, levelling the surface, drying, making sure the ventilation is appropriate.
  • Planning: before the professionals begin with the parquet flooring installation, they need to make a plan, agree with you on the laying pattern, measure the surface and the middle of the wall and consider other possible factors.
  • Applying adhesive and installing parquet flooring: there’s not much room for mistakes here. We need to use the appropriate adhesive and carefully begin the parquet flooring installation with a clear end result in mind, add just enough pressure and finish the process without making mistakes.

Parquet flooring installation costs shouldn’t be seen as an unnecessary financial outflow, but rather as an investment in the stability and longevity of your parquet flooring.