Parquet flooring installation Floor ExpertsParquet flooring installation is a theme of many parquetry tutorials. While not being overall heavy, installing parquet flooring needs some skill to complete the task successfully. Parquet flooring installation though has one major advantage that should ease it up and reflect the end result as well – it is glued down to the subfloor with no hammering on or nailing. Traditional parquet flooring installs in similar way to tiles, which adds to its convenience. If you are experienced enough to install parquet flooring on your own, the cost to install parquet flooring may be smaller, but remember to calculate all the expenses including the parquet itself, hand tools, glue, laquer and brushes, plastic sheets and even sanding paper and duck tape.

How to reduce the unnecessary costs of parquet flooring installation?

You should first of all make sure that the surface of the subfloor has no greater deformation, as parquet flooring installation requires a surface that is well-leveled. Otherwise, leveling procedure of previously inadequate subfloor can greatly raise the cost to install parquet flooring. Understandably, the desired pattern of the parquet affects how parquet flooring is installed – the more complex the pattern, you`ll have bigger cost to install parquet flooring. The choice of solid wood parquet flooring is not less important, as exotic woods and their installment always tend to cost more.

Cost to install parquet flooring Floor ExpertsHow parquet flooring installation usually functions – a quick guide

First step is to determine the type of your subfloor. Parquet works both on concrete and wood, but any additional flooring such as vinyl must be removed. To prepare the floor for parquet flooring installation, you have to add premixed floor leveller, which should level it automatically. Next is the gluing down of blocks and sanding of the wood down the grain – this needs a light touch and great care, best to be left to experts. The same goes for brush laquer finishing, though it can be avoided with engineered wood, as its pre-sanded and pre-finshed editions save you that extra cost to install parquet flooring.