Parquet flooring installation isn`t fairly complicated, although it requires some parquetry skills and a steady hand. With numerous tutorials it isn`t hard to learn how to install parquet wood flooring, but DIY installation can go wrong, and the cost to install parquet flooring may be even bigger. However, if you have previously encountered with some sort of wood fabricating and would like to do the parquet flooring installation yourself, by following the basic steps you can successfully install parquet flooring with minimum cost. To install parquet flooring with no stress, all the expenses should be calculated, so there are no money-related surprises.

Parquet flooring installation Floor ExpertsWhat to look for when calculating the cost to install parquet flooring

Parquet flooring installation cost cannot be driven down to pure manual work if you hire an installation team. Also, the cost to install parquet flooring won`t be equal to the price of a parquet if you`ve decided to do it yourself. There are other “hidden” expenses as well, such as paint buckets and finishing agents, brushes, sanding paper and even sticky tapes.

A quick rundown through how is the parquet flooring installed

There are many in-depth guides for parquet flooring installation, so we`ll run you down through its basic elements. A well leveled subfloor is a term number one for a successful parquet flooring installation – otherwise the costs will unnecessarily raise. After the subfloor is leveled and dried out, the next step is gluing down of the parquet blocks, which doesn`t require any additional hammering or nailing. To complete the task, you`ll have to cut the blocks so that they fit to the walls and other immovable objects. Finally, the lacquer can be applied in several coatings.

Cost to install kitchen parquet flooring