Flooring parquet advantagesFlooring parquet is with no doubt the best solution if you search for lifelong value and durability in your floors. Its solid hardwood materials have enough strength to handle intensive use; even after years of walking of your enamored parquet, with proper care it won`t affect its looks and feel. However, flooring parquet isn`t renowned only for its endurance, there are advantages of parquet flooring design-wise too. Since it’s completely solid, it enables a virtually endless choice of woods of all types and colors. Because of the smaller thickness of parquet flooring comparable to solid hardwood floorboards, you can expect greater range of possible patterns – you just have to know to how to cut parquet flooring blocks for the desired effect.

How to make parquet flooring completely different from the standard

You`re probably familiar with standard parquet flooring designs; flooring parquet are most frequently arranged either in brick pattern or in herringbone pattern parquet flooring. Herringbone can come in couple of variations itself, like single, double or diagonal pattern type. However, more unusual parquet flooring ideas can be found in non-standard flooring parquet patterns, such as hexagon or chevron, just to name a few. Knowing how to install parquet flooring is of even greater value when going for more complex pattern, and certain knowledge of parquetry is also recommended.

Thickness of parquet flooring Floor ExpertsWhat else is recommended for a non-conventional flooring parquet

Apart from knowing how to make parquet flooring pattern more interesting, there are other ways of changing its appearance completely. One of that non-conventional but still traditional methods of enhancing the looks of a parquet is marquetry, which is otherwise better known in furnishing. It contains of veneering of the flooring parquet blocks, which results in a figural pattern effect. Various materials can be applied, especially since digital technology was introduced in the process. Of course, it requires more attention in how to take care of the parquet flooring, so that the image doesn`t fade or vanish.