Modern parquet is the common name for classic wood parquet flooring with an elegant and edgy look. Usually, modern parquet hardwood flooring comes in nontraditional colors and shades, such as white, grey, black and dark brown or in nontraditional patterns of parquet wood flooring tiles. This type of wood parquet flooring is perfect for modern apartments, houses, office spaces and businesses with high foot traffic such as cafes and restaurants. Because of its durability, modern parquet flooring is a solid investment.

Modern parquet flooring vs. classic parquet flooring

Modern parquet has all of the qualities that the traditional oak parquet flooring you already know and love has – it is durable and robust, made from solid planks of wood, lasts decades and is a lot more desirable than engineered flooring. The thickness of parquet flooring can vary, but it always allows for sanding and varnishing, which keeps the floors in top condition.

The only difference between regular wooden parquet and modern parquet is in its appearance, which does not affect the thickness of parquet flooring, nor its ability to be re-sanded and re-varnished.

caring for modern parquet flooring

Modern parquet is the new black

Forget carpets, vinyl floors, and even tiles. Parquet flooring is the ultimate choice for any room of the house, no matter how much foot traffic it has. Modern parquet comes in a variety of colors and patterns that make any room seem sleek, elegant and classy. Most modern homes opt for lighter colors, such as grey and white for the living areas and darker, for example, black or dark brown for the bedrooms, but dark colors also work well in light rooms, such as the kitchen and dining room, as long as the furniture and walls are in lighter tones. Black parquet wood flooring is the perfect modern parquet flooring for offices since it gives the impression of luxury and elegance – the perfect thing to impress important clients. No matter what the room is, black parquet brings something special into each and every corner.

Where can I buy parquet flooring?

We’ve made a good point for modern parquet, so now you must be wondering “Where can I buy wood parquet flooring?” Fortunately for you, we have a large choice of parquet flooring from different manufacturers at Floor Experts and we’ll be happy to advise you about the right choice for your space. Find out more about our products and services at