White oak parquet flooring

White oak parquet flooring is a more modern, lighter version of the traditionally most popular oak parquet hardwood flooring. Just like read oak parquet flooring and grey oak parquet flooring, white oak parquet flooring is a color variation of oak wood parquet.



How light oak parquet flooring can add value to your home

Bleached oak parquet is one of the more recent trends in flooring. Compared to regular oak and red oak parquet flooring, white oak parquet flooring is much lighter in color and has a more modern feel.
Hardwood floors are considered the highest quality floors, and the price of a home increases if it has hardwood, instead of vinyl, PVC or engineered flooring. Parquet is considered especially valuable and the price rises with the complexity of the pattern. Light oak parquet flooring can create a modern look that is typical for engineered floors, but at a higher value.



Light oak parquet flooringWhy choose bleached oak parquet?

Bleached oak parquet has a nice clean look and goes well with modern furnishings. Light oak parquet flooring can brighten up darker spaces or compliment dark walls and furniture in contrasting colors. If you want to create a modern living space, while still choosing the highest quality real wood floors, white oak parquet flooring is a great choice. Similarly, you can achieve a clean, modern look with grey oak parquet flooring.



What colors go best with white oak parquet flooring?

Colors that go best with light oak parquet flooring are either light colors, like white, beige and grey, or strong colors, like red and black. White oak parquet flooring also goes well with vibrant colors, like yellow and green. If you choose bleached oak parquet for your living room, we recommend either neutral or vibrant colors for the walls and furnishings. A white or dark wood kitchen will compliment light oak parquet flooring beautifully. And for the bedroom, you can complement bleached oak parquet with darker walls and contrasting furniture.