Dark parquet flooring materialDark parquet flooring can mean a huge range of hardwood materials. It can owe its dark appearance to the more exotic wood types, but it can also stand for solid oak parquet flooring of darker shade, finished in multiple layers for greater depth of color. Rustic parquet flooring is widely known for its warmth, decorating many cottages and countryside houses. It is a traditional parquet flooring, which shows exceptional characteristics, especially in terms of durability, lifespan and isolating properties. Besides oak, most common rustic parquet flooring materials are walnut, which gives a shady, dark parquet flooring looks, and pitch pine, which is naturally brighter, but produces an appealing dark yellow tone once finished.

What is pitch pine rustic parquet flooring most commonly used for?

While many types of dark parquet flooring show good durability, pine rustic parquet flooring is ideal when you need a robust flooring material. Usually delivered in long parquet blocks, it is particularly suitable for stage-like flooring. Pine parquet will work perfectly for a renovated warehouse or traditionally constructed countryside house, greatly enhancing the overall rustic ambience. It will require though a bit more attention in preparing the blocks for laying.

Rustic parquet flooring Floor ExpertsWhat dark parquet flooring can we recommend from our own supply?

We have a vast selection of quality dark parquet floorings, which include everything from oak to ebony. Jatoba and ash flooring produce a warm and rich dark-red, and will immediately give your floors more character. If you are a fan of slightly worn-out look, distressed oak parquet is a good example of aged rustic parquet flooring appearance, which is even easier to achieve with engineered flooring. Thick lacquer applied on the top of dark oak hardwood parquet can further add shade, resulting in an elegant, glowing chocolate brown color.