Black oak parquet flooring

Black oak parquet flooring is a variant of the oak tree parquet flooring. Typically, oak tree parquet flooring is light in color and gives a very natural, vibrant look. Dark oak parquet flooring has a different effect. Black oak parquet flooring has a naturally elegant and luxurious look that works well in offices or large, bright spaces in the home. Its texture and dark shade is inspiring and, though not traditional, timeless as the wood itself.



Why oak tree parquet flooring?

Oak tree parquet flooring has been the number one choice from country houses to city manors for centuries. Oak tree parquet flooring is durable, natural and beautiful. In recent years, more modern varieties of oak parquet wood flooring have become popular, like dark oak parquet flooring and white oak parquet flooring. The two contrasting varieties of oak wood parquet are appreciated by the same type of homeowner – a modern, sophisticated person, looking for a sleek and elegant flooring. If you appreciate a more traditional look of parquet, oak rustic type of flooring may be more appropriate for you.



Dark oak parquet flooringBlack oak parquet flooring in the home or workspace

Dark oak parquet flooring is elegant and luxurious, therefore perfect for office spaces, conference rooms and living areas in the modern home. From the living room to the bedroom, black oak parquet flooring makes an impression that is not easily surpassed. Out of all oak parquet wood flooring, black oak parquet flooring certainly is the most luxurious looking.
Dark oak parquet flooring and interior design
When designing the interior with black oak parquet flooring, it is important to choose bright solid colors to compliment the dark oak. Parquet flooring is extremely versatile and can be used anywhere from the bedroom to the kitchen, but it looks best in big, bright spaces or spaces that function better in darker colors, like the bedroom.