what is traditional parquet flooringWhat is traditional solid wood parquet flooring? Question like these are frequently asked by costumers when trying to decide what type of parquet wood flooring would suite them. Floor Experts is always ready to help so that you can get your ideal home parquet flooring, and we also gladly provide tips on how to install and take care of parquet flooring once you have settled on the model you want. First thing that is to be answered to what is parquet flooring in general, is that parquet is by definition a wooden floor made of blocks forming a pattern. The choice of patterns, as well as selection of woods, varies greatly. Natural oak parquet flooring is centuries-old standard in parquetry. Its durability, warmth and appearance shows what is parquet flooring all about. However, its condition will largely depend on whether you know how to treat parquet flooring the right way.

Basic things you need to know about how to treat parquet flooring

Parquet flooring is usually treated right after installment, which means it will hold up first couple of years with no additional work on it. Anyway, if you know what is parquet flooring aging process, you`ll also know the importance of learning how to treat parquet flooring to prevent it from degrading. Like any other wooden material, parquet flooring can be attacked by wood worms, and when exposed to extreme temperatures and low humidity, some cracks may appear on its surface. If you want to keep your parquet flooring in pristine condition, it is recommended that it is re-varnished and then refinished every ten years. If you wonder how to treat parquet flooring additionally, try using specialized polishes. When all this is taken care of, there is no need to worry about what will be parquet flooring`s lifespan.

how to treat traditional parquet flooring