What is parquet flooring in terms of the flooring structure? Is there any real difference between parquet flooring and other types of floorings? The answer is yes, which is why parquet still stands for possibly the best flooring option regardless of the novelties in that field. Let`s say for a start that the manufacturing process is somewhat more complicated than with thick hardwood flooring, as the parquet flooring block must be made of thin pieces of solid wood. This produces more sophisticated appearance in general, which can be accentuated in some parquet flooring types.

Parquet kitchen flooring typesWhat parquet flooring types are available and what to use them for?

Today there are many parquet flooring types to choose from, which can be a bit confusing at times. Wondering what is engineered wood parquet flooring like? Engineered flooring is made from processed wood with solid hardwood on the top. Parquet flooring types contain hardwood from top to bottom of the block, which results in greater durability and longer lifespan. However, engineered floorings offer good parquet flooring definition and are sometimes available as prefinished . Parquet flooring comes in a great range of different wood, so to know what is specific parquet flooring like, it is necessary to research the wood properties first.

What is parquet flooring Floor ExpertsTry different parquet flooring ideas for truly inspiring appearances

By knowing what parquet flooring is, we can focus on how to make its visual appearance more appealing and interesting. If you`re fan of tradition, there is nothing quite comparable to solid parquet flooring lacquered in multiple layers. By properly polishing the parquet flooring, you can bring even more shine out of it. On the other side of the specter, distressed and raw parquet will perfectly fit interiors inspired by industrial design. Some parquet flooring types offer more choices in the looks of the block itself – you can even get nice parquet flooring tiles.