When looking for quality, oak laminate flooring is probably the best choice you can make regarding your floors. Choosing oak engineered laminate flooring means choosing durability, sustainability, great price and the beauty of oak timber. Laminate is currently the most popular flooring, because of its simple and quick installation, minimal upkeep and longevity.


Oak engineered laminate flooring as an alternative to hardwood floors

Hardwood floors were popular among homeowners because they have a very natural look of, for example, oak timber. Laminate changed the story, since you can get that same natural look with oak engineered laminate flooring. Most people wouldn’t even notice the difference between quality oak laminate flooring and real hardwood. But there are several gigantic differences.

Quality oak laminate flooring

The difference between hardwood floors and quality oak laminate flooring

Oak engineered laminate flooring is composed of several layers and hardwood is only made of one thick piece of oak timber. Laminate, because of it’s structure and manufacturing process, doesn’t require additional sanding or varnishing, since it typically comes prevarnished. Oak laminate flooring also demands less upkeep than hardwood, it’s easier to clean and care for. Hardwood floors are difficult to install and you have to hire a professional. But with oak engineered laminate flooring you can do the installation yourself! You can buy oak glueless laminate flooring, that you just click-lock into place. Varnished oak laminate flooring or oiled oak laminate flooring are already pre-treated, so you can instantly walk on the newly installed floors and even set up furniture on your oak wood laminate.


Still not sold on oak timber laminate?

If you choose quality oak laminate flooring, it will last you for decades, without having to sand it, varnish it or replace loose boards. With quality oak laminate flooring, you get sustainable, durable and budget friendly flooring that looks just like real oak timber. Laminate will make just walking around your house a luxurious experience.