Laminate flooring underlayment has an important role in keeping the laminate flooring in its original condition. It is a special padding, which comes between a subfloor and the top laminate flooring panels. Laminate flooring underlayment is not only known for its moisture and sound reducing properties – it can also be handy for compensation of the minor deviations of the subfloor`s surface. By using a standard foam underlay for laminate flooring, laminate is enabled to „breathe“once installed, since it expands and contracts depending on the weather conditions. Having that said, it is clear that there shouldn`t be any skimping on installing a laminate flooring underlayment.


Laminate flooring underlayment on concreteWhat to take care of when installing a laminate flooring underlayment

Laminate flooring underlayment should not be expected to rectify visible height deviations, as these have to be manually fixed. Measure the unevenness precisely – if it`s greater than 3 mm per metre, installing a laminate flooring underlayment won`t help in rectifying it. Now let`s start with laying of the laminate flooring underlay: lay sheets of it at 90° to the predicted direction of the planks. Make sure there aren`t any bumps as it will affect the later installation going incorrectly. Bear in mind that laminate flooring underlayment should be slightly distanced from the walls and similar objects. End the installing of laminate flooring underlayment by sticking the sheets with a sticky tape – your laminate flooring underlayment is now ready for further action.

How to install the underlayment for laminate flooring on concrete

You will have to use a moisture meter before attempting to install laminate flooring underlayment. If favourable results are produced, simply follow the instructions above. A pre-attached laminate flooring underlayment can make the installation even easier, but be careful about the underlayment`s position to finish the installation succesfully. Installing an underlayment for laminate flooring on concrete steps can be a bit trickier, so we recommend you to trust it to our expert installation team.

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