Installing laminate flooring is not a lengthy process at all. Compared to traditional hardwood, laminate is not only friendlier to your budget, but also leaves behind to mess. If you’re looking for a quick and affordable renovation, then installing laminate flooring will be the perfect option. It is a highly versatile type of flooring and you can choose from thousands of designs ranging from light ash laminate flooring to darker and bolder shades.


Can I install laminate flooring on concrete? Your questions answered

Installing laminate flooring on concrete can be made simple and doesn’t require much time. We recommend that you always seek help of professionals with putting down your laminate flooring. Even though you can install laminate flooring over concrete yourself, letting a professional do it will make sure the job is done professionally and prevent any mistakes.


Underlayment when installing laminate flooring

You might have heard before that laminate is hailed for its versatility and the installing process is exactly the reason why. You don’t have to worry about having a specific base when installing laminate flooring, because you can put it over pretty much anything. Whether it is carpet, linoleum or concrete, you don’t have to spend a fortune refurbishing your existing flooring. As long as you make sure to install a good-quality underlayment, you have nothing to worry about. A good and quality underlay is of essential value and you can get it with Floor Experts!


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At Floor Experts we offer the widest selection of affordable laminate flooring. Our tiles are sourced from all over the world from Europe to South America and Asia to ensure the maximum versatility of styles and colours. When you install laminate flooring with us, you are getting the best quality. We offer several hundred types of laminate, as well as offer the option of installing laminate flooring.

We are a quickly growing international flooring provider with references that reach far behind national borders. Our range includes everything from laminate to hardwood, parquet, vinyl, decking and entirely custom made flooring for those looking for something unique. If you’re looking for any extra information on our work and products we are happy to provide it! Simply contact us using a contact form on our website or drop us an email.

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