How to treat parquet flooring Floor ExpertsBuying a parquet flooring is a good decision itself, especially if you seek a permanent flooring solution, which will hold well for generations. Still, there are different types of parquet flooring in appearance, characteristics and even in how to treat parquet flooring you choose. So, which one to buy? Parquet flooring can be applied for different purposes depending on the type, but the quality of the wooden material is a general criteria in selection of the parquet flooring. This goes for both solid parquet wood flooring and engineered wood parquet, which should get you warm, cozy and durable floors.

How to treat parquet flooring adequately for maximum durability

To expect full lifespan of your parquet, you must know how to treat parquet flooring adequately. Buying a parquet flooring that is fully solid generally means that the treating will have to be more thorough. Even if you like the worn-out parquet looks, it is necessary to prevent the deterioration. This is how to treat parquet flooring; first of all, buy a parquet flooring polish. Gentle polishing of the surface will both impregnate it and protect the finish.

Where can I buy parquet flooring which is modern and unconventional?

If you search for something different, you`re at the right place. We have a great supply of various parquet flooring types, leaving you to buy parquet flooring you like the looks and tBuy best parquet flooringhe feel of. If you`re into industrial parquet flooring, we can recommend buying a grey engineered oak parquet flooring, which perfectly fits minimalistic and industrially designed spaces. We also include in our range jatoba, ebony and similar dark wood, with both oiled and distressed appearances. There is no real difference in how to treat these parquet flooring types, except distressed parquet is a bit less demanding.