Oak wood parquet

Oak wood parquet is the highest quality flooring for your home. If you are looking for new oak parquet flooring that will last you a lifetime and increase the value of your home, oak wood parquet is the right choice.



Choosing and installing new oak parquet flooring

Oak wood parquet comes in a variety of shades an colors. Oak parquet hardwood flooring can be installed in several different ways – either symmetrically, asymetrically or diagonally, or to form different patterns, like herringbone oak parquet flooring, chevron and brick pattern. The more complex the oak wood parquet pattern is, the more it increases the value of your home. And new oak parquet flooring is certainly an investment that pays off, since it will last you for several decades!



New oak parquet flooringHerringbone oak parquet flooring – a classic favorite

The herringbone oak parquet flooring pattern is one of the more popular patterns. In its many variations, including chevron, single plank, double plank and diagonal, it is a modern tribute to the classic herringbone oak parquet flooring which was used in European manors for centuries. Because of its complexity, herringbone oak parquet flooring has the highest value out of all oak wood parquet flooring.



Different types of oak wood parquet

When buying new oak parquet flooring, one can easily be confused by the different types available. From natural oak parquet effect laminate flooring, to oak industrial parquet, to solid wood oak parquet flooring. Which one is the best?
Well, first of all, natural oak parquet effect laminate flooring is an engineered oak parquet flooring, meaning it is not made of 100 % wood, and therefore functions differently and is not as valuable. Oak industrial parquet, on the other side, is a real hardwood floor, just produced differently, which enables the manufacturer to make extremely small planks for a different effect. If you’re still not sure what kind of new oak parquet flooring to get, contact Floor Experts.