Wooden parquet flooring is a favorite among homeowners, not only for its beauty, but also its durability. Even though engineered floors have become quite popular in recent years, there is nothing quite like a wooden parquet floor to make your house feel like a home. The starting investment might be slightly bigger than with laminate flooring, but the longevity and added value more than make up for it. Just think about it – are you looking for a solution just for a few years, or are you looking for a floor that will last you a lifetime?

wood parquet flooringwood flooring parquet


Wooden parquet flooring will last you a lifetime

Compared to any other type of flooring, solid wood parquet tiles have the longest life. Solid wood is quite durable by itself, but with the right care and a light sanding and varnishing every now and then, your wooden parquet can look good as new for decades. And of course there is the question of aesthetics – no other modern parquet is made quite as beautifully as wooden parquet floor tiles. Each tile is uniquely beautiful, just as natural wood is. No laminate can provide you with the feeling of natural beauty that wooden parquet floors have. This of course adds value to your house when you have wooden parquet flooring.

Wooden parquet for added resale value

Just think about it – if you someday decide to sell your house, won’t you be glad you decided on wooden parquet flooring? On today’s tough market flooring can make a big difference in pricing as well as the overall decision of a buyer. No one likes to invest in new flooring right after buying a house and buying a home with wooden parquet guarantees that they won’t have to deal with that for a long time.

Where to buy wooden parquet floor tiles?

When deciding on wooden parquet flooring, you should educate yourself on the different types and options that exist. At Floor Experts we have more than thirteen types of wooden parquet, from the conventional oak wooden parquet flooring to bamboo wooden parquet. You can even get wooden parquet flooring on sale! Our company is one of the leading flooring suppliers in Europe and our experts will be glad to advise you about your choice.
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