Wooden flooring parquet Floor ExpertsWooden parquet flooring comes in endless varieties. Natural oak parquet flooring is its best representative – it decorated many historical accommodations, and in the mid-twentieth century it became a home classic. Following a high demand for wooden parquet flooring, parquet flooring made of engineered wood became widely available. Rather than carving a block out of the hardwood, manufacturers came with engineered oak parquet flooring, which is assembled from multiple layers of wood instead. Although a wooden parquet flooring made of genuine solid wood cannot be beaten in durability and natural appearance, parquet flooring with engineered wood shoudn`t be discarded, as it has advantages of its own.

What can be expected from a quality engineered oak parquet flooring

Though not solid, parquet flooring made of engineered wood is reliable and resistible-to-tear flooring which will stand intensive home use for decades if properly taken care of. Quality engineered flooring can also be finished in high-gloss finish, which makes it closer to its solid counterpart in beauty. The upper layer of the flooring is computer designed, which enables it to mimic centuries old wooden parquet flooring quite convincingly. You want grey parquet wood flooring? Sure, with prefinished parquet wood flooring you can choose from a great range of textures, which are otherwise too expensive or difficult to get in new solid parquet flooring.

Parquet flooring engineered wood Floor Experts

What are the possible options when it comes to solid wood parquet?

When people think of wooden parquet flooring, they usually visualize natural oak of brighter shades. However, there are many types of parquet wood flooring to choose from. Walnut or mahogany was sometimes used in antique parquet flooring, which adds warm and earthly tone to the entire space. Even the oak can have a dark, rustic appearance. Recently there`s been a growing demand for trendy exotic wooden parquet floorings – dark teak wood flooring being a good example.