Types of contemporary parquet flooringTypes of parquet flooring usually supplied by parquet flooring suppliers can be categorized in several different groups. In term of structure, contemporary parquet flooring is divided on solid parquet flooring, which is manufactured traditionally but can be more modern in appearance, and engineered wood flooring parquet, which is a fuse of organic materials and technological perfection. When speaking of the tree types, there is a great range available in solid types of parquet flooring, while engineered ones are a bit more limited in that area. Finally, we have a division on historical, rustic types of parquet flooring, and the so-called prime and selected, which represent more contemporary parquet flooring grades.

What are the most sought-after contemporary parquet flooring designs?

In solid wood flooring different visual appearances can be brought out with a particular type of wood. Some exotic types of parquet flooring can be quite interesting visually with very little additional work. Other contemporary parquet flooring option is a dark colored parquet flooring, which gives the interior a certain elegance. While not offering a wide range of wood types, engineered parquet can flash design-wise. Thanks to its upper hardwood layer modeling, it offers convincing distressed and raw parquet looks. Finally, unconventional parquet flooring patterns also stepped up the game recently.

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How to take care of parquet flooring to keep its original looks

It is important to know how to take care of parquet flooring to keep in its original condition as long as possible. This is especially valuable with softer types of parquet flooring hardwood, as well as with antique parquet, which has a reasonably thin parquet flooring surface. Periodical sanding and refinishing are required, and an occasional parquet polishing helps to guard its appearance. Contemporary parquet floorings are better protected so that their maintenance is a little easier.