Solid wood parquet flooring is a classic choice, delivering striking appearance and durability. What’s more, the production of solid wood parquet flooring has improved drastically in the past few decades, making it more resistant to scratches and other external influences. At Floor Experts we offer more than 480 choices of top-quality wood parquet flooring, among which you can find anything ranging from oak parquet hardwood flooring to ash, teak, American walnut and many other wood tones.

Bringing you the latest trends in solid oak wood parquet flooring

solid oak parquet flooring

At Floor Experts, we offer you the complete set of advantages:

  • affordable flooring
  • hundreds of styles, colours and designs- sustainable and earth
  • friendly parquet
  • flooring from all across the world from South America to Europe and Asia
  • option to design your own perfect flooring

solid wood parquet flooringOur selection is one of the widest on the market! We take pride in the top-grade quality of all our flooring, which has been carefully sourced from all across the world. Furthermore, we can guide you through the process of purchasing your new solid wood parquet flooring with our team of helpful experts. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly and we will get back to you in no time to provide all the details.

Our solid wood parquet flooring has a rich list of references and we are a quickly growing international business. We offer everything from calm and peaceful tones to bold, bright and unique parquet flooring tiles. Whether you’re looking for vintage or contemporary parquet trends, we’ve got it covered! Our oak wood parquet and other types offer a great variety of installment choices that can completely transform your living spaces. There are several designs that you can choose from as well, ranging from herringbone, chevron French herringbone or the classic brick pattern.

We are absolutely sure that our rich range of solid wood parquet makes sure there is something perfect to match your home! We also offer laminate, vinyl, decking and other flooring. Feel free to send us an inquiry to get more details behind all our products!