Parquet hardwood wood flooringParquet wood flooring is a standard to measure other types of flooring to. Nevertheless, it is necessary to clear out what parquet wood flooring really is, since classifications can be confusing when it comes to the forms of wooden flooring. Solid oak parquet flooring is a traditional flooring option which stands for wooden flooring parquet blocks. Although parquet wood flooring is usually made from solid hardwood material, there is also a difference between parquet and hardwood flooring. Parquet blocks are very thin solid wood pieces assembled together, while hardwood flooring generally stands for floorboards, which are milled or carved out of a tree.

Is parquet engineered wood flooring a wooden flooring parquet?

While it cannot match solid parquet wood flooring in favorable characteristics, parquet engineered wood flooring is completely wooden flooring parquet, and therefore made of genuine organic material. Engineered flooring is probably the best contemporary floor choice. Never mind the plywood core, which is of decent quality itself – it is the upper hardwood layer that you will stand on, and it is what engineered parquet owes it looks to. Top engineered wood floorings can be close to solid hardwood floorings in quality and can look like old parquet wood flooring, although being much more affordable and easy to install.

Wooden flooring parquet Floor ExpertsWhen to choose a hardwood flooring parquet over an engineered one

Engineered flooring will work in most modern real estates, producing the required flooring comfort with a hint of tradition from their hardwood layer appearances. There are certain situations, though, where it would be better to use solid parquet wood flooring instead. This would be the case with high-end houses, which require comparable value in the flooring too. Also, if you think that wooden flooring parquet you selected is a permanent solution, “real” parquet is a good choice. Finally, if you`re a rustic wood enthusiast, such appearance is hard to get somewhere other than in hardwood flooring parquet.