Parquet flooring polishingParquet flooring of today unifies almost entirely different types of parquet flooring. It used to be associated with solid oak or pine parquet flooring exclusively, but now you can choose from different types of parquet flooring both in structure and appearance. Engineered oak parquet flooring was introduced some decades ago as affordable-yet-reliable flooring, and it remains to be the most popular parquet flooring choice. Recent explosion of exotic parquet flooring supply enabled far more options, although it didn`t “conquer” traditional parquet flooring in any sense. We offer all possible traditional, modern and exotic parquet types, guaranteeing customer satisfaction depending on your specific needs.

What do you get in exotic, different types of parquet flooring

Having different types of parquet flooring means different characteristics, which are appropriate for some situations, while in others they may not work at all. Natural oak parquet flooring has great isolating properties, and if painted in high-gloss finish it is incomparable in shining beauty. On the other hand, it will respond to water badly unless otherwise protected. The same goes for pine wood, normally very durable in classic indoor use. Places exposed to moisture is where parquet bamboo flooring and teak wood parquet work more adequately, which is why they are popular choice for bathroom installment in East Asia.

Different types of parquet flooring bambooHow to take care of parquet flooring to make the most of it?

You would naturally want yourue parqt to reach its predicted life span, so the most important thing here is to learn how to take care of parquet flooring. Although different types of parquet flooring require different treatment too, there are some basic rules for parquet flooring maintaining. Most softwood and hardwood materials require periodical refinishing and rearranging of the planks for tight flooring stability. Sanding has to be approached with great care – it is a delicate job which is best to be left to professionals. Parquet flooring polishing will help to maintain its original appearance, and it will also strengthen it against deterioration.