Bamboo parquet flooring

Bamboo parquet flooring is in many ways similar to hardwood flooring like oak wood parquet and beech wood parquet. Bamboo parquet texture is similar to the touch and has a similar look, and shares many characteristics, like great longevity. Bamboo parquet flooring can be sanded and varnished, just like regular hardwood floors, but its hardness depends on its color.



Bamboo parquet flooring 101

Let us start at the beginning. Bamboo parquet flooring is made from bamboo, which is not a tree, but a type of grass. So unlike hardwood floors, bamboo flooring is not made from wood. However, bamboo is a quite sturdy plant, and can match oak and beech in hardness. Also, the bamboo parquet texture looks extremely beautiful and modern in any home and is available in several different shades and colors. However, the darker color of the bamboo means softer boards, since the darker color is achieved by carbonization, which also weakens the structure. So it is better to choose lighter colored bamboo.

Another great thing is that bamboo is a highly renewable source, since the bamboo plant grows much faster than trees. That is why we say that bamboo parquet flooring is highly sustainable and eco-friendly.



Bamboo parquet clickInstalling bamboo parquet flooring – bamboo parquet click

The best part of about engineered bamboo flooring is that bamboo parquet click-locks into place. The installation is therefore made extremely easy and you can even do it yourself, if you decide on bamboo parquet. Click mechanisms are made to secure boards together without the use of an adhesive or nails, simply by hooking them together. This saves time and money, making bamboo parquet with click mechanisms not just eco-, but also wallet-friendly!

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