natural oak parquet effect laminate flooringParquet effect laminate flooring brings with it heaps of advantages. This budget friendly flooring option is not just a smaller investment, but has a number of long-term advantages you can count on. Just like the name says, parquet effect laminate flooring bears strong resemblance to natural hardwood, without costing as much money. The technology behind parquet effect flooring tiles has advanced immensely over the past few years, making laminate even more convincing in its parquet effect. Additionally, it is well known for its other huge advantage – simple installation. Not only is it simple to install new parquet flooring effect laminate tiles, the process is also not time consuming and leaves behind no mess. If you’re looking for a quick refurbishing, affordable ways to decorate your first home or trendy unique designs then laminate flooring is your dream option!

What to expect from parquet effect laminate flooring?

Because of technological and production advances behind laminate tiles, this flooring option is now more reliable than ever! It has become much more than just an affordable alternative to wood parquet flooring. It is hugely versatile, being perfectly suitable for a great variety of living spaces such as dining rooms, kids’ rooms, corridors, business areas and even bathrooms. At Floor Experts, we offer even more than that! By cooperating with world’s leading producers of top-grade laminate flooring tiles, we are able to offer our customers just the very best. All our flooring is comfortable to walk on, easy to install, durable and responsibly sourced.

Widest selection of parquet effect laminate flooring

We specialise in providing the most extensive range of leading parquet effect laminate flooring. Our suppliers from all over the world are carefully selected and we make sure that every single finished product delivers maximum reliability. A series of strict quality control tests are carried out and we constantly strive to bring our customers the latest top-grade innovations from the world of flooring.

There are countless styles, designs and colours to choose from, ranging from pale light tones through classic and vintage brown to very daring and bold tones. Thus we make sure that everyone can find something perfect to suit their needs. We believe that when choosing the flooring of your dreams you should not make any compromises, and just follow the best!Parquet effect laminate floorings