Click on click laminate flooringLaminate click flooring refers to the method of laminate installation, where flooring can be assembled simply by clicking. This was designed in order to help keeping the laminate flooring tight, as it usually floats over an underlayment film with no extra adhesive material. Laminate click flooring installation typically isn`t very complicated, but can result in visible gaps and peaks if not done by the book. There are laminate floorings which feature a glue backing, however quality glueless laminate click floorings of new generation use more modern joining mechanisms; these do not only simplify laminate click flooring installation, but also make periodical rearranging of the planks unnecessary once installed.

What are the most common laminate click flooring joining solutions?

The click mechanism in laminate flooring can come in couple of varieties itself – there are two basic shop-available laminate click flooring options. The first and the most common one is the „traditional“ click in laminate flooring, where the fitting is done by clicking the next laminate plank into the one previously installed. It goes for usual tongue and groove planks, which are used right from the very beginnings of laminate flooring production. Recently more solid laminate click lock flooring has been introduced, which enables for simpler and more effective click to click laminate flooring installation.

Few tips on laminate click flooring installation done on your own

The introduction of laminate click flooring with lock system mehanism, which is sometimes titled as snap-together laminate flooring, makes installing of the planks relatively easy to do on your own. If you`d like to do the laminate click flooring installation yourself, there are some basic rules you should know to avoid any possible flooring damage. The ambience should be dry and mediate warm, and the planks will look best if laid parallel to the main light source. Calculate the width of the last plank row – it should be at least 5cm. Always fix skirting boards to the walls and follow your laminate click flooring manual step by step.

Laminate click flooring installation