Kitchen parquet flooring may seem as a paradox to some, as hardwood isn`t the most reliable choice when paired with cooking and washing. Traditional parquet flooring was always avoided in places where it could come in contact with water. However, kitchen parquet flooring is a valid option, which has benefits that should not be miscounted. Hardwood is natural and comfortable flooring material, which will make your stay in the kitchen more enjoyable. This way you can have less visual difference between the rooms and the kitchen; parquet flooring patterns, though, can also be used to separate the kitchen visually from the rest of your place.

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How should the painting of the parquet flooring in kitchens be done?

When deciding on the type of parquet flooring for bedrooms and living rooms, the choice is usually a matter of esthetics. Kitchen is a completely different story: distressed and raw materials are not recommended, and painting of the parquet flooring must be thoroughly done. It is best to apply finish in multiple coats, which helps kitchen parquet flooring to be more resistant to water spills. Painting the parquet flooring should prevent any moisture penetration. There is one major drawback in this area – refinishing is expensive and fairly complicated job, which requires well-equipped and experienced team.


What to take care of when you decide for kitchen parquet flooring?

Sheer painting of the parquet flooring won`t secure it from drain malfunctions and flooding. In such situations it is almost impossible to restore parquet flooring in its original condition, so make sure to prevent them with decent plumbing and safe utensils. Dust, sweep and vacuum the space as often as you can – regular maintenance is a key to successful kitchen parquet flooring application. Repeat painting of the parquet flooring with protective layer twice a year or more if necessary. Check out hevea parquet flooring tiles, which are reasonably thick, pre-finished and therefore one of the best kitchen parquet options available.

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