What floor coverings is the most suitable choice for the terrace, balcony or seating area you want to arrange in your garden?  For this purpose, very different outdoor floor coverings equally merit consideration, but most people will definitely choose wooden terraces because of their beautiful appearance and because they offer all the necessary comfort for spending their leisure time and enjoying in the outdoors. If you have already thought of panelling your terrace, balcony or the garden corner with wood, then in addition to the traditional wood flooring, you might also take into consideration the so-called wood plastic composite   flooring (WPC), which is much more resilient to external factors affecting than wood. In addition, WPC floorings are much easier to maintain than wood and also have many other advantages that make them an ideal choice for terraces.

Wooden floorings for terraces

Natural wood is a very beautiful and extremely durable material, but when used outdoors it is exposed to various external factors which can cause it to crack and slowly begin to decay or rot. In order to avoid this, you should protect your wooden flooring properly, renewing the protection every year . This means that wooden terraces need little maintenance, or that wooden floorings for terraces should be treated with a suitable top coat such as a wood oil or preservative every year if you want them to be preserved over the longer term.

If such maintenance is not too much of an obligation for you, then wooden floorings are definitely the right choice for your terrace, balcony or any other space which you want to arrange for enjoying in the outdoor. However, it is very important to prepare the floor properly beforehand, and choose the most suitable type of wood resilient to external factors – some types of wood floorings function better when used outdoors than others.  Of course, the wooden floor covering must also be adequately protected. If you really like the appearance of wood and prefer  little maintenance, then you should opt for WPC flooring, which is a good substitute for natural wood, but designed to be much more resilient to various external factors, because of which their maintenance does not require any preservatives.

WPC floorings – floorings made of wood plastic composite

If you are looking for a floor covering for your terrace or some other outdoor surface, WPC floorings definitely work well for this purpose. WPC floorings are a great choice for terraces, as they are made of wood plastic composite, which in addition to 70% recycled wood also consists of 30% recycled polymer (HDPE), which acts as an excellent binder. WPC floorings do not have the appearance of standard natural wooden floorings for terraces, they look more artificial in their appearance, but ar the same time they are more durable and maintenance-free, which is also the reason why they are becoming more and more popular and are being chosen by more and more people. These floorings are suitable for balconies and other outdoor surfaces, and users are very satisfied with them even after several years of use, as they are very durable exterior floors covering.

What are the advantages of WPC floorings?

Wood plastic composite floorings for terraces or WPC floorings have quite a few excellent advantages compared to natural wood, which is why they work very well as an external floor covering:

  • they are very resistant and do not require special maintenance procedures (there is no need for treating with various top coats such as an wood oil , varnishes, lacquers or any other preservatives),
  • the surface is smooth, so walking barefoot on them is more pleasant and safer,
  • the floorings  do not contain knots and other irregularities, which will make your terrace even more beautiful, as by laying them you will be able to achieve an unique, uniform look,
  • laying such floorings is very quick and easy,
  • you can choose from among different colours and shades,
  • the floorings are designed to be more resilient to external factors than natural wood,
  • despite of exposure to heat, cold or moisture, they will not crack,
  • they will not rot or deteriorate,
  • treated in such a way that they do not slip.

The appearance and feel of natural wood

In addition to all the listed advantages, such terrace floorings are also environmentally friendly, which is confirmed by their certificate of origin and which at the same time represents an additional plus in the fight against deforestation. When laying the flooring,  thermal expansion of  the WPC flooring must be taken into account (approximately 5 mm per metre), so the correct laying system is very important. It should also be borne in mind that due to high exposure to sunlight, the colour of the surface may fade slightly or change, and if the wooden composite terrace boards are laid in the shade, mold may sometimes appear. You can avoid this by sweeping and regularly cleaning dirt off the wooden terrace, and if it is still present, you can remove it with fungicide detergent.

Let the terrace be your oasis of relaxation

Nowadays, our lives are extremely fast and full of stress and various obligations, so it is important to take a rest, relax and gather as much energy as possible.  On the terrace, balcony or in your garden, you can create a special corner that will be dedicated just for this purpose and that will invite you to relax: most people equip such a corner with comfortable chairs or loungers and other equipment that allows them to enjoy spending their free time. The appropriate choice of exterior flooring can also help a lot – it is best to choose one that will offer you all the necessary comfort and at the same time be as functional as possible.

That is why it is worth considering laying WPC flooring on your terrace, as it combines the appearance, comfort and warmth of wood with exceptional functionality, offering at the same time the feeling of natural wood;, besides,  you can walk barefoot on them, they are very resistant and durable and do not require any protective coatings and no special maintenance. Because of all this, they are definitely the best choice for terraces, balconies and other garden corners, which so can be turned into real oasis of relaxation.