Our company offers many types of laminate flooring. You can choose between different types of colours, decors, width and length, thickness and abrasion classes. Choices are almost limitless. We source different types of laminate tiles from production companies all around the world. All types of laminate flooring tiles from our suppliers are technologically and ecologically advanced. Our selection of high quality flooring is suitable for all types of clients. In our sales program you will definitely find what you are looking for your home. All types of laminate flooring tiles are easy and quick to install, with today technology they have an appearance of real hardwood floors.

Types of laminate flooring thickness

Laminate flooring tiles in different colours give spaces different appearances

We offer many types of laminate tiles flooring in light, medium and dark colours. Light colours are recommended for use in smaller spaces which do not have enough light because this type of laminate flooring tiles brighten spaces and optically enlarges them. Dark coloured type of tiles are usually used in vast rooms which have plenty of light. They give the space elegant sophisticated appearance. Medium colours tiles are very versatile, they are suitable for all kinds of rooms and are easily combined with any type of furniture and other decorating elements. When it comes to décor of laminate tiles, you can choose between many types of wood patterns. Most common and popular type of décor is oak, but we have beautiful exotic decors too. We can also get different kind of looks by using flooring tiles in different sizes. Some types of tiles are quite small and some are really big. Small laminate tiles are mostly used in smaller rooms.

Laminate tiles flooring durability

Thickest laminate flooring is most durable and long lasting

Durability of laminate flooring depends on many factors. First and most important factor is thickness of whole tile and thickness of its top layer. Flooring tiles are arranged in different abrasion classes which determine their use. Some types of laminate flooring are suitable only for home use and some types can be used in public buildings like schools and museums. Thickness of different types of laminate flooring determines its use. Thickest laminate flooring is most durable. Floorings in our collection are from 7 – 12 mm thick. Thickest type of laminate flooring offer the best resilience and stability. Top layer of this type of laminate tiles is very resistant to any kind of abrasion. Life span of high quality laminate is very long so it is a good investment in your home.