Laminate flooring with attached padLaminate flooring with pad will free you of that extra step of fitting the padding under laminate flooring. This way the installation will go even quicker and easier, and you`re enabled to concentrate more on the visual appearance of the top panel layer of the flooring. Padded laminate flooring functions almost identically to the manually installed under padding for laminate flooring: the sound dampening properties are maintained, virtually allowing minimum of that reverberating echo which can otherwise occur when walking on laminate. Laminate flooring with pad can also rectify some minor subfloor imperfections, so that planks are fully leveled once installed.


What is the difference in padded laminate flooring`s installation?

Laminate flooring with pad makes the additional underlayment not only unnecessary, but also rather unwanted, since its recommended installation consist only of plank fitting. When installing a pre-padded laminate over concrete, it might be good to use a polyethylene barrier due to the fact there`s no separate padding being installed previous to laminate, which is usually a bit thicker. The situation with installing pre-padded laminate over wood is similar: instead of adding another set of pads, try to even the wood as much as you can phisically before you fit padded laminate flooring on top of it.


The downsides of laminate flooring with pad and how to avoid them

There are pros and cons in every solution, and so is the case with laminate flooring with pad. What is believed to be the major disadvantages of padded laminate flooring can be singled out to a next conclusion – it shows to be a lesser option comparable to standard laminate flooring. Some claim that laminate flooring with pad doesn`t have the same reliability in terms of noise and moisture reduction, as well as durability. We`ll agree that it can be true in low-value products, but padded laminate flooring that we ship occasionally shows even greater performance, which is why we are the right place to get a solid, reliable all-in-one laminate flooring.

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