Coloured laminate flooring priceLaminate flooring colors can produce many different impressions, so it is best to choose the laminate flooring so that it fits the desired overall apperance of your home. You can also use coloured laminate flooring for different effect, such as to boost some of the interior`s present qualities in order to make it more lively or to complete the visual image by contrasting its features. Nevertheless, with today`s choice of stock laminate flooring colors not only does colored laminate flooring contribute to the stylish image of your apartment or house, but can also stand for one of the key elements in cheap-but-effective DIY home design.

What are the most popular laminate flooring colors for modern interior

Due to the improvements in finishing process, recently there has been a much broader supply of high gloss laminates, which are stunning in appearance but are also safe for intensive home use. Some of them replicate wood floorings to their finest detail, which results in convincingly natural laminate flooring colors. They range from warm, earthly tones to yellow-y and silver nuances. Coloured laminate floorings finished in white tones can provide a touch of elegance to your living room. The most widely used laminate flooring color is gray, which is considered to be the new neutral and is very popular among industrial design lovers.

Keen on coloured laminate floorings looking different from the rest?

If you would like your coloured laminate flooring to be a bit more unusual, there are many patterns available in laminate flooring finishes. Best brands include distressed laminate plank option, which in effect produces two or three-tone laminate flooring colors. For truly colorful laminate flooring try out painted effect planks: this way you will get even greater range of colors and both stone and wood-like appearances at once. We feature in our range all possible finishing options, from smoky stone-like patterns to bright oak-look laminate, which is why we can supply you with the most interesting coloured laminate floorings.

Laminate flooring colors