If you are in the process of renovating a house or creating a brand new apartment or house, you may have many questions about choosing the right flooring. After all, it is an important decision as it affects the final appearance of the room and its comfort. What materials are most durable for child’s play? Which lining is best suited for the living room and creates a pleasant atmosphere and aesthetic appearance? Can the flooring be additionally soundproofed? The offer on the market is extensive, so we have compiled some essential tips to help you create your dream home! Be aware that the cheapest alternative is not always the best as it requires early renewal or even replacement. We suggest that you consult our experts about your wishes and visions, who will recommend only the highest quality products for your exceptional home. At Alpod, we swear by technologically advanced flooring, which is why we entrust it, from design to execution, to our experienced craftsmen who will design the perfect flooring for your dream home.


Timeless parquet flooring

Parquet is considered a classic, always up-to-date solution that will never disappoint you. In recent years, we have been able to follow many modern and technologically advanced plastics on the market, but parquet floors are still predominant. Parquet is a great choice for all lovers of classic and refined flooring, as it guarantees a long life and countless benefits. It adapts aesthetically to any house design and retains its appearance and functionality for many years.

The parquet is made of wood, a natural material that further enhances the warmth and comfort of your home.

Talna obloga - dvoslojni parket oreh Check our offer of three-layer parquet flooring

We suggest that you consult with our experienced consultants before choosing the type and style of flooring that will provide an excellent user experience.  It is a good idea to prepare in advance where the flooring is to be laid and we will advise you which type of flooring is most suitable for this type of use.

It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of wood. For more crowded and bright living areas, we recommend the choice of harder wood species such as oak, acacia and walnut. The most sensitive species are spruce, chestnut, pear, alder, European maple and beech. Wood changes its colour over time, so it is more appropriate to choose lighter shades that will not fade with age.

It is also important to note that the parquet flooring is not suitable for damp and wet rooms or for outdoor use. Parquet flooring can be used in all living spaces, but as a rule, its use in rooms with very heavy furniture and possible point loads is avoided.

It is a good idea to know your budget for flooring because parquet is considered one of the more expensive materials.

Parquet flooring is in principle a good choice for rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, children’s rooms or hallways, the only important thing is that there is not much moisture in these rooms. It is a good choice, because in case of damage it can also be sanded and repainted or oiled. When renovating the parquet already laid, the floor does not need a basic mechanical treatment (brushing, planing, sawing, …).


Laminate – a more affordable alternative

Nowadays, laminate is a very widespread floor covering and a very popular alternative to parquet, because of its affordable price and imitation of its appearance. It is robust and durable and allows quick and easy installation without the need for adhesive. It can even be laid on an existing floor covering, but the general conditions for laying must be observed. Laminate flooring is surprisingly less sensitive as parquet, so it is recommended for areas where people walk around a lot, such as an office. The great advantage of laminate floors is that they are easy to replace in case of damage (only one laminate board can be replaced).

The laminate is also quite sensitive to water, so it is not used in humid environments. The market also offers laminate flooring with waterproof properties that are also suitable for bathrooms, but it may be better to avoid this option if you expect long-lasting functionality. As a rule, the service life of laminate is shorter than that of parquet flooring.

It is recommended for areas with integrated underfloor heating as it reacts well to heat.

Due to their ease of installation, good price and durability, laminate flooring is increasingly competing with parquet flooring, especially those that are almost identical in appearance to parquet flooring.


oak luzernLaminate flooring is the perfect choice for your dream home

PVC Vinyl – a chameleon among flooring

Vinyl flooring is considered the most popular type of flooring in Slovenia, offering a wide range of decors and patterns and imitations from wooden floors to stone imitations.
This type of PVC floor covering is extremely resistant to wear and dirt and, at the same time, extremely easy to maintain. It is suitable for many types of premises, from apartments, offices and restaurants to hotels and shops.
It offers easy installation and a variety of creative decoration options, making it a good choice for those who want to combine flooring with different finishes or borders.
Vinyl is extremely resistant to use and therefore suitable for rooms with a high fluctuation of people or objects, but it is worse when there are large temperature fluctuations, so it is not the right choice for the exterior of your house.



Vinyl is the ideal flooring for people with allergies

Now you have a rough idea of which type of flooring best suits your wishes, your concept and the needs of your home. Of course, further information will be provided by experienced consultants who will ensure that you choose a flawless and durable flooring. If you want a visual of the future layout of the room before you go to your nearest consulting office, use Floor Designer to bring your creative idea of your chosen flooring to your space. The Floor Designer simplifies the shopping process and makes the whole experience even more enjoyable! Our favourite feature of the tool is that you can share your interior design with friends right away, who are sure to provide you with helpful tips!