Wood parquet flooring herrigboneWood parquet flooring is a traditional flooring option known for its favorable characteristics. Parquet wooden flooring is highly regarded at flooring experts, who know what is parquet wood flooring renowned for – a natural warmth which is hard to get from artificially made materials. Wood parquet flooring is typically a very comfortable and reliable flooring, which will grace your home floors for generations with adequate care. Oak tree parquet flooring is a great example, although you can expect any hardwood parquet flooring to last for more than couple of decades with no problem. Because of this, wood parquet flooring has greater resalable value, which makes it not only a premium flooring choice, but also a good investment.

What are the comparable strengths of hardwood parquet flooring?

When it comes to the density of wood parquet flooring, you can either choose between hardwood parquet flooring and softwood parquet flooring. As the name puts it, hardwood parquet flooring is made from harder wood such as oak, maple or walnut, which are all traditional parquet flooring materials. They are very popular for areas like living rooms, where the floor is intensively used. Softer wood parquet floorings like solid pine parquet are commonly found in rustic utility spaces, greatly upgrading their visual image. However, soft woods are not available in engineered parquet flooring, and they do not fully meet the requirements of modern housings.

What else do I need to know about wood parquet flooring types?

Engineered floorings seem to be very demanded in recent years, since they are affordable, easy to install and look attractive once laid down. They have a long lifespan , which seems very reasonable considering that we`re moving more frequently than in times when rustic home furniture was up to date. Nevertheless, hardwood parquet flooring still offers much broader range of woods and patterns possible.

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