Dark brown laminate flooringDark laminate flooring is suitable for traditional and contemporary homes. Rich dark colours create pleasant and welcoming feeling. Dark brown laminate flooring impresses with its depth and luxurious appearance, rustic look is very easy to create. Dark laminate flooring is suitable for small and big spaces with lots of light. Although it is mostly used for living rooms and bedrooms it also looks stunning in other rooms such as kitchen or hallway. It is great for combining with light coloured furniture and walls. Contrast between dark and light colours create very appealing look of a room. Dark laminate is also very easy to clean, it is less prone to show small scratches and other imperfections. It is also easier to install than light coloured laminate flooring.

Dark colours of laminate flooring are becoming very popular

We offer many different colours of laminate, from white to black. Laminate flooring can have very natural decor in light and dark brown colours to best imitate hardwood. Natural dark and light brown colours can have yellow, silver, red nuances which create more sophisticated look. With production technology that is available today, top layers of light and dark laminate flooring can look exactly like oak, walnut, cherry hardwood floors. Textures can also be very similar to real wood. Dark grey laminate flooring is becoming very popular among homeowners. Because grey colour is neutral it can be combined with light or dark furniture and other decorating features. It is very good for creating industrial appearance of your home. In our assortment you can also find dark and light multi-coloured laminate flooring. One plank contains many different colours from light to dark. This sort of laminate flooring colours create very playful and lively appearance.

Grey and brown dark colours of laminate flooring for traditional and modern look

Dark laminate flooring coloursMany colours of laminate flooring resemble natural colours of wood and stone. Therefore it is very hard to figure out if you have laminate flooring or hardwood and stone floors. Laminate flooring has many advantages comparing to hardwood floors. It is quicker and easier to install, it’s up keeping is simple and economical, it has many dark and light colours and textures to choose from and is suitable for underfloor heating. Comparing to natural stone, laminate flooring is much warmer to touch without underfloor heating, whole installing process is much cleaner and faster and furniture can be placed in a room right after it is installed. Some laminate flooring can withstand heavy loads and are suitable to be installed in public buildings.