Beech parquet flooring

Beech wood parquet flooring is popular among homeowners because it is extremely durable. Beech is considered to be one of the hardest timbers and is, aside from beech wood parquet, often used in furniture and countertops.



Beech wood parquet for any room of the house

Beech wood parquet flooring works well in any room of the house, but is especially appropriate for rooms with high foot traffic, because it is so strong and durable. Most homeowners like to use beech parquet flooring in the kitchen, along with matching white beech parquet worktops. Beech wood parquet also works well in smaller and darker rooms, since it is bright in color and optically enlarges the space. Beech parquet flooring is therefore perfect for bedrooms and small apartments.



Beech wood parquetBeech wood parquet and countertops in the kitchen

When choosing worktops for your kitchen it is important to choose a hard and durable material. Beech wood is perfect for the job. And what is even better, a white beech parquet worktop will match your beech parquet flooring perfectly. White beech parquet worktops can be made of the same wood as your beech parquet flooring. That way your kitchen will be functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing.
Beech wood really is a very useful wood, from white beech parquet to white beech parquet worktops. Even though oak wood parquet has been a bit more popular in the past, alternative woods are beginning to be used for flooring, like beech parquet flooring and bamboo parquet flooring.
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